Traditional Yoga

The present day man leads a busy life with a lot of stress and tension. The various developments in the field of science and technology has improved his standards of living, but has reduced the quality of life leading to various illnesses and unrest at individual as well as social levels. A priceless gift of India to mankind is yoga, which helps the physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual being of a person to blossom in harmony with their life style.

The world outside may be puzzling but the world inside can be pure joy. Traditional Yoga asana together with meditation lulls the senses to experience life within. Meditation is an ancient technique to revive our weary and tired soul and to help us rediscover a sense of profound peace and internal calm. It helps one to achieve happiness through helping to keep our minds become one-pointed and steady, taking us beyond the normal mundane awareness. Yoga and meditation helps to unravel the secrets of body mind balance.

The ambience for a meditative state of mind has been recreated at the Mandir within the resort. The location of Aadithyaa Lakeside’ Yoga Mandir and the divine surroundingsmay itself go a long way in making the guests feel relaxed. .