Serene Kerala

Anyone wishing to experience the serenity of Kerala should make a visit to the village a must do leg of their journey. The pace of life in Kerala village is unhurried and the people friendly. For villages that lie on the banks of the water bodies, a major part of their lives revolves on these. Canoes transporting men and material are a common sight. As men leave to work in paddy fields or in coir making, women get busy with household chores. Women and girls can be seen laundering clothes and washing utensils in small, open enclosures in front of every house.

The ubiquitous coconut tree enjoys a significant place in Kerala way of life. It supports the lives of many. Not a single part of this tree goes waste in Kerala. The nuts as well as the oil extracted from these nuts are widely used in popular Kerala cuisine. Coconut husks are beaten into fibre for making ropes and other eco-friendly and biodegradable products. Coir industry enjoys the distinction of being the largest cottage industry in Kerala.

In the simple lives of the villagers, spirituality has an important place. Come evening, homes are lit with wick oil lamps. For many, visit to a nearby temple is a compulsory part of the day’s routine. The temples, apart from catering to spirituality, also contribute to the social life of the villagers. It is here that the villagers often meet and greet. The temples are also places where traditional art forms are staged. Please see our page on Cultural Kerala.

Aadithyaa Lakeside resorts has many temples near by. In Kottamkulangara Temple in Chavara, there is a peculiar custom of men dressing up as women and carry lighted lamps (Thalappoli). The Uriyadi where young men try to strike the pot hung high above, is a typical festival associated with Krishna Temple. The annual Uriyadi festival held at Vadayattukotta temple in connection with Ashtami Rohini is a special occasion for visitors. The Kettukazhcha (exhibition of effigies) festival held at Mahadevar Temple, Thrikkadavur in February-March every year is one of the colorful festival of the Kollam district. There are similar festivals in the temples of Sasthamcotta, Velinallur, Chathannur and Chirakkara. It takes just an hour’s drive to reach any of these places from the resort.