Traditional Ayurveda

The body of Hindu literature pertaining to medicine and health is called Ayurveda; the science of longevity.  Ayurveda is much more than a system of medicine; it is a philosophy of life. It has been suggested that Ayurveda is actually a minor Veda, a supporting or supplementary branch of the revered spiritual treatise of Hinduism, especially of the Atharva Veda; one of the four Vedas. The Vedas are the foundational scriptures of the Hindus and are a storehouse of ancient Indian wisdom.

The prescriptions and practice of wellness described in Ayurveda are followed even today by dedicated ‘Vaidhyans’ – the physicians who keep alive the age old traditions.  The scriptures speak of the healthy living and healing principals and the modern day Ayurvedic practitioners have found the best synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern life style. Ayurveda offers a unique system consisting of de-toxing withPanchakarma & Shirodhara and Rasayana for rejuvenation therapy. This therapy helps to promote and preserve health and longevity in the healthy and to cure disease in the sick. Some of the benefits that follow a rejuvenation therapy are, long life, increased memory power, good health, young looks, glowing skin, modulated voice and  better immunity to diseases.

To rejuvenate guests ,the Ayurvedic way, “Aadithyaa Resorts ‘- lakeside has tied up with “Navaneetham Ayurveda” . Ayurveda holds that ,treatment is for the patient and not for the ailment and as such a great deal of stress is laid on the physician-patient relationship. While different types of therapies are available at Aadithyaa Resorts , the best to suit each person’s body constitution will be decided upon after a personal interaction. Our motto at ‘Aadithyaa Resorts” – Lakeside ,while providing such therapies is to let our guests cherish the experience and take back an enduring spirit of rejuvenation.