A Day at Lakeside

We have put together what we feel is the best way to a refreshing holiday at Aadithyaa Lakeside resort.

  1. Bring in a new day with a viewing of the sunrise from the warmth of your bed. Over a sip of piping-hot coffee/tea, the first rays of the sun together with chirping of birds is sure to awaken your senses.
  2. The morning rays of the sun have been scientifically proven to be good for one’s health and mind. Take a stroll in the gardens before proceeding to the Yoga Mandir for ayoga session.
  3. After a Kerala breakfast of either steamed rice cake or ‘puttu’ dashed with finely grated coconut or a lacy appam with meat/vegetable stew or fish moilee, take a canoe ride  or cycle away to the village and see the people go about their lives. Have a camera ready to snap those scenes that catch your fancy.
  4. Any weariness after the village visit can quickly vanish with a dip in the infinity pool. You can also settle yourself in one of the comfortable pool chairs with a favourite book.
  5. Alternatively, you can visit the Ayurveda parlour and try out the various rejuvenating therapies that are on offer. However, make sure to inform the physician/massage therapist of any pre-existing illnesses so as to help them advise a proper therapy.
  6. For lunch, try out the sumptuous multi-course Kerala sadya, complete with crackling ‘Pappadams’ (fryums) and golden coloured banana chips and served in plantain leaf. Do not forget to top it all with a generous helping of ‘Payasam’, a local dessert.
  7. After all the adventure of the morning, a siesta in a hammock or the swing bed would only be too welcome. But make sure you are up and ready after tea, to walk along the lakeside   into the   glorious sunset.
  8. Settle for a ride in a houseboat to catch the view of the setting sun. The houseboat affords all the conveniences of a luxury hotel and comes attached with a kitchenette and a western closet. You can click pictures of the Chinese fishing net in the backdrop of the orange of the setting sun.
  9. From afar, after sun down when the soft lights and lanterns illuminate Aadithyaa, it is a mesmerising sight, to carry on with the photo shoot.
  10. Bid adieu to the day with a colourful performance of traditional dance even while enjoying the choicest sea food  cooked in Indian or  continental style. Please visit our page on traditional dance forms of Kerala
  11. If you prefer quiet moments, we suggest you try our lakeside deck service. Dining outdoor, under the star lit sky, looking into the expanse of dark blue water, charmed by the silhouettes of coconut trees on the fringe and to be served like royalty is the signature magic of Aadithyaa.